About Jenef - President

Hi guys

LCC is really the place to be! Not only is it a great place to study and learn, it’s an amazing place for opportunity, skill development and a sense of community. Here at LCCSU not only is your education our top priority but so is your voice and your student life. With things like societies, clubs, enrichment and others, ran by our Student Union and Student Life team,  I want your college expreince will be like no other. 


I will:

  1. Be authentic voice for the students and make sure the views and opinions are heard

  2. Keep in contact with the students, especially course reps, to make sure that I am on top of all the student opinions, student matters and student views

  3. Work alongside the student exec to make sure that we apply pressure to where it’s needed in terms of change and to also continue to promote student leadership throughout the student body

Registered Office

Registered Office:
Leeds City College Students' Union, SU Hub, Park Lane Campus, Leeds City College, Leeds, LS3 1AA
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