What is Student Voice

Student Voice is exactly what it says on the tin... Student Voice. 

As a Leeds City College student, we always want to know your thoughts and opinions on College matters and issues that are important to you! 

The Student Voice system is there to encourage every single student to have a say on College life and how their day-to-day experience can be improved. 

Our system allows you to give any feedback (within reason) to the college, from the curriculum to canteen and extracurricular activities. That feedback will then be given to your curriculum heads, the executive leadership team and finally to the Board of Governors. The feedback is overseen by the SU, so we can monitor what actions are been taken with your feedback and make sure you are always kept up to date with what is happening with the College.  

By inputting feedback into an online form, and also gathering feedback verbally, each SU Ambassador can represent their groups effectively. Members of staff also have a chance to give their feedback in response, and will endeavour to take all views onboard in order to improve College life for everyone.