The Deaf Society is a group of students and staff who seek to improve the lives of deaf students at College. The society meet up in at least once a month to socialise by doing events such as bowling or a meal. They also meet up to discuss campaign ideas and get feedback about issues that might be affecting deaf students at the College.

The society promotes the use of British Sign Language within education, if you're interested in learning how to sign or if you want to get involved in the society please email -

To keep up to date with the society you can join the Facebook group by clicking here

The Deaf Society Commitee are - 

President Aliko Sichinga
Deputy President Rahim Karim
Secretary Zohaib Alam
Registered Office

Registered Office:
Leeds City College Students' Union, SU Hub, Park Lane Campus, Leeds City College, Leeds, LS3 1AA
Contact us: