Student Council

The Student Council is the local decision making body for each specified Campus, except for decisions made by the union parliament or referendum. The Council shall also raise issues that are of concern to its members to the senior management team of the College of that campus and to the Student Conference for consideration. 

Student Council meetings are open to all Students' Union Ambassadors, who will act as a voice for the students they represent. These meetings allow all students to feedback to the SU team, who will then pass on any concerns or issues back to College.

If you don't tell us what Leeds City College is doing right, and what perhaps needs improving, then it's hard for staff to work on concerns and issues. Every student voice matters, and speaking up and ensuring that your opinion is heard is tremendously important. These Student Council meetings provide a free-speaking, non-judgemental open forum for students to share their views.

If you'd like your voice listened to, why don't you nominate yourself to be an SU Ambassador or speak to your SU Ambassadors about your thoughts. 

Registered Office

Registered Office:
Leeds City College Students' Union, SU Hub, Park Lane Campus, Leeds City College, Leeds, LS3 1AA
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