SU Committee Elections - Election Results January 2017

Students' Union (SU) Committee Members are the voice of Leeds City College students and help to set the direction of the Students' Union. 

Executive Committee - The role of the Executive Committee is to be responsible for the direction of the Union through the implementation and development of the strategic plan, and to act as a channel of communication between members of the Union, College management and other organisations. The Executive Committee is the Student Voice lead within the College, so this is a further opportunity for students to have their voices heard. 

Executive Committee (New members elected January 2017)

Maria Beckwith

Sian Levko

Govindas Roth

Joshua Hart

Natalia Lukaszun

Trustee Board - The Trustee Board of the Union is responsible for the legal compliance and financial affairs of the Union. The board ensures that any money is spent in accordance with the charitable objects of the Union. Put simply, the Trustee Board looks after the Union so the Union can look after you.  The role of the Trustee Board is to ensure that Union finances operate efficiently and effectively, look after the Union budget and an annual report that details all activities of the Union. The Trustee Board recommends ways to improve the Union and maintain its reputation. The Board meets every six weeks, and is chaired normally by the student elected trustee chair. 

Trustee Board (New members elected January 2017)

Sian Levko

Matthew Winship

Registered Office

Registered Office:
Leeds City College Students' Union, SU Hub, Park Lane Campus, Leeds City College, Leeds, LS3 1AA
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