Interested in a LCCSU role but you’ll be on a course at Leeds City College next year?

Worry not, LCCSU has a number of Executive Officer roles that are undertaken whilst you study at Leeds City College.  You’ll have responsibility to work on and progress a particular aspect of College life and develop your skills and experience by undertaking the role. Executive Officer roles are elected by the same process/ timescales as the President / Deputy President (listed above).

Executive Officer roles:

• President (full- time paid role)

• Campaigns Officer (part-time paid role)

• Education Officer (part-time paid role)

• Equality and Diversity Officer (part-time paid role)

• Higher Education Officer (part-time paid role)

• Sports and Societies Officer (part-time paid role)


Who can run in the election?

Any Leeds City College Student irrespective of course or level of study.  You’ll need to be 18 years old or over by 01/09/2019 to run for President.  You’ll need to be a Leeds City College student next year (18/19) to be an Executive Officer.


How do I get a role?

All Leeds City College students can vote in the election and the person who wins the election gets the role.  If you think you would be a good candidate then you must nominate yourself using the Election Nomination Form  by 5pm on Friday 8th February 2019.


Can I take a year off my studies to be President and return next year to complete my course?

Yes, assuming you meet the age requirement. You should think carefully about this and take advice from your tutor / SU staff team.


What if I have a place at University for next year?

Universities are often receptive to students deferring their studies for a year.  You'd need to check with your University to see if this would be possible.


How do students know to vote for me?

You need to speak to students and promote yourself on campuses to encourage them to vote for you.  You can do this by explaining what you’d like to do in the role and highlight your qualities. The SU staff team can help you with this following your nomination.


Do I get anything to help me campaign?

You can be supported by your fellow students and you get a small campaign budget to produce posters, flyers and promotional items. Using the campaign pack will help ensure your campaign is as successful as it can be. Following nomination we will prepare, support and train you to run the most effective possible campaign.


Can I nominate myself for more than one role?

No, you must decide which role you would like and nominate yourself accordingly. The SU team can help you decide which role is right for you.


I’ve won! What happens next?

Well done you! Your role will start on the 1st July 2019.  The SU team will be in touch to explain the process and help get you started in your role.


What are the key dates / timescales for nomination and voting?

Nominations close: 5pm Friday 8th February

*3 weeks to prepare for the election*

Campaigning opens: 9am Monday 4th March  

Voting (and campaigning) opens: at 9am on Monday 11th March

Voting (and campaigning) closes: 1pm Friday 22nd March

Results announced: 4pm Friday 22nd March


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