What is Student Voice


Why do we have Student Voice?

  • It ensures that students are part of the college decision making process

  • It creates a learning environment where all students feel they have a voice and can make a difference

  • It gives students skills and confidence to take on challenges both in college and their local communities

  • It improves aspirations and career prospects by giving additional skills and experiences that can be use in applications and interviews


Student Voice at Leeds City College

  • Students feedback through surveys and consultations 

  • Opportunity for students to become a SU Course Reps or Executive Officer

  • Course reps to meet with their Head of Department 3 x per year 

  • Consultations on college plans, policies/procedures that impact students

  • Union Parliament  - 3x annual meetings where students hear from the SU and hold the College’s leadership to account

  • LCCSU Elections and Debates

  • Opportunities to engage in citywide and national discussions, debates and work 


 LCCSU’s Involvement

  • Responsible for Student Voice across college

  • Provides voice for students at all levels

  • Coordinates Student Rep process

  • Educates students on democracy

  • Organises trips, events and campaigns to engage students

  • Provides opportunities for students to gain skills and experience

  • Provides paid work opportunities for students


What will happen?

  • Curriculum will hold elections for SU Course Reps - one per class (over 300 across the college)

  • New students will complete an induction survey (before October Half Term)

  • All students complete an On Programme survey (In term 2)

  • Curriculum meetings 3 x per year (organised within individual curriculum areas

  • LCCSU will create action plans and complete these in a timely manner

  • Student Reps/Leaders meet with Bill  College Principal) Jones to discuss cross college issues and plans

Registered Office

Registered Office:
Leeds City College Students' Union, SU Hub, Park Lane Campus, Leeds City College, Leeds, LS3 1AA
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