Make your ideas become a reality

The Empower platform has been created by students for students.

The platform allows you to:

1. Submit your own ideas and start to make that change you want to see.

2. Vote on ideas that can enhance the student experience, support the local community or make a change across the College. 


Here's our 2019/2020 Campaigns Officer Yusuf, to tell you a little bit more...

Have an idea? 

You can submit ideas that will make a difference to students of Leeds City College or the wider community. Here are some examples of ideas...

- Campaigns/events relating to equality and diversity

- Ideas with an environmental focus around campus

- A project or campaign that could link to mental health like fundraisng or raising awarenss

But we're sure you have plenty of interesting and unqiue ideas to suggest! Follow the link below to submit yours:

Click here to submit your idea.

For more information on what happens when you submit your idea, click here

Flash Votes

Students can vote on their favourite ideas. If an idea gets 50 or more votes, The Student Union will support students to see their ideas come to life. If it reaches over 200 votes, The Student Union President will take this idea to the College Prinicpal.

We will host 1 week flash votes every month to give students the opportunity to vote on their favourite ideas.

The Flash Vote is now open: click here to vote

Click here to see what happens with your vote.

Things can only change if students have their say - we want to empower you to make that difference.

Ensure your ideas get the votes you need

If you've submitted an idea and is available to vote on during the flash vote, you will need to make students aware of your idea, get them to buy into it and vote for it! Here are some top tips on how to campaign to get those all imporant student votes:

Top tips for campaigning

Have a question?

Message Lindsey Whitton, Social Action Project Coordinator on Google Hangouts or email



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