Students' Union Election Results - March 2017


Many congratulations to those elected, commiserations to those of you who haven't been successful.

Incredibly we had 915 students voting this year with a toal of 3,270 votes. This is in comparison to 404 individual voters and a total of 1171 votes last year. A big thank you to everyone who nominated themselves and campaigned to make this happen. 


President:   Hayvi Rahem    Manifesto & Poster

Deputy President:   Salman Daji (this result is subject to an appeal)    Manifesto & Poster

Activities Officer:   Arron Godrich   Manifesto / Poster

BME Officer:    Romana Jabeen    Manifesto / Poster

Communities Officer:    Celina Zalbodzy    Manifesto & Poster

Disabled Students' Officer:   Devonte Cook    Manifesto / Poster

HE Officer:   Zachary Kennedy    Manifesto Poster 

LGBT Officer:   Matty Winship    Manifesto / Poster

Societies Officer:   Sian Levko    Manifesto / Poster

Sports Officer:     Abdullah Saleh    Manifesto

Women's Officer:    Aisling Hunt    Manifesto


If you would like to know any more information about the elections results, including the number of votes each candidate recieved, please email -


Registered Office

Registered Office:
Leeds City College Students' Union, SU Hub, Park Lane Campus, Leeds City College, Leeds, LS3 1AA
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