Deals & Discounts - NUS Extra and Student Platform

Being part of LCCSU entitles you to loads of benefits, including enabling you to buy an NUS card and use our Student Platform. 

An NUS extra card costs just £12 per year and gives you in store and online discounts across hundreds of retailers around the country. Plus, for an extra £3.99 only you can also get a Gourmet Society Card and get even more deals on local and national restaurants! What are you waiting for? 

LCCSU Student Platform will also give you access to thousands of different national and local deals and discounts, local employment opportunities and loads of other savings and benefits.

And the best part? It is completely FREE to use – all you need to do is register online

So if you're looking for discounts on trips, experiences, food & drink and much more, check it out! It's a great place to find all the best discounts, all in one place. Plus, look out for the regular Deal of the Week - a one off special deal available for one week only!

We know that saving money is important to a lot of our students, so we try to get you the best deals and offers to enhance your life outside of College, too. 


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